Introduction to the Umajin JavaScript API

Umajin uses JavaScript to choreograph high level behaviors by specifying data transformations, setting up animations and triggering tasks like scanning QR codes. This leaves the high performance OpenGL rendered Umajin engine to do all of the heavy lifting.

An extensive API is provided. This page helps you get setup and provides some hello world style overviews of custom actions, feeds and components. There are fully worked projects under the examples section of this site.

Setup your development environment.

Get started by creating your own custom actions, feeds and components that any user can add to their Umajin project.

Some topics in the main help we highly recommend reading are;

  • SetProperty, SetPropertyIn and SetPropertyInTween act on components and allow you to assign properties, assign properties with a delay – or assign properties with animation.
  • GetProperty will also be very useful for your projects
  • SetData and GetData are also useful to store your own properties against a Umajin component. This acts as a map of any built in properties and any new keys you wish to define.