Simple Feeds

Hello World Feed 1

This example simply creates a very simple feed with four records and only one field (message) which does not use any parameters.. it’s literally just a hardcoded JSON formatted string which is passed to the dynamic component if this feed is applied.

Hello World Feed 2

This example simply dynamically creates a feed with ten records and three fields (index, message, size). If we put ‘demo’ in as the message body we would get this JSON data;
[{“index”:”1″,”message”:”demo 1″,”size”:”10″},{“index”:”2″,”message”:”demo 2″,”size”:”20″}, … {“index”:”10″,”message”:”demo 10″,”size”:”100″}]

Local Database Feed

Here we work with a local database to create a feed.

Note : you could have an action to setup the database with data on the startup of the application;